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Achieve more when you start with human capital transformation. Search and re-define key initiatives so you can drive the change to reach your objectives faster. Articulate your company or team’s value proposition, advantages, go-to-market plans.

Transform your human capital
with the power of AI

As the business environment changes rapidly you need to be aware of more facts and make faster and more precise decisions. This task is getting exponentially heavier what our service can smoothly solve for you.

Get 30 days free trial

Achieve more when you start with human capital transformation. Search and re-define key initiatives so you can drive the change to reach your objectives. Articulate your company or team’s value proposition, advantages, go-to-market plans, and more with choice of report types and custom surveys.

Where can we help?

Better leadership

A successful leader won't micromanage. Delegate work to your employees and let them feel empowered. If you do this, they will feel more involved and have more opportunities to develop new skills.

Career transformation

Discover employee skills, talents, find values wich drive the type of mindset they have. People who believe those traits are static, and cannot be changed or developed, often feel pressure to consistently prove their skills, and often entrust success to talent.

Employee motivation

It’s normal for employees to face dips in motivation, but it becomes a problem when your colleagues are consistently disengaged. That's why we gather information from selected sources to help keep you and your team motivated, day in and day out.

Work from home

Remote working has become much more than just a trend, but rather an attractive alternative for businesses to hire top talent while reducing office overhead costs. The number of remote workers and employees working from home is increasing.

Efficient learning

Employees who receive the necessary learning and development are better to perform their job. They become more competent about proper procedures and safety practices for daily tasks. Corporate L&D makes employees able to understand the purpose and responsibilities of their industry.

Agile transformation

A successful agile transformation of your organization is achieved through training sessions, consultation and coaching activities but first of all finding values and frequent monitoring of improvement. In order to elaborate the best solution for your business domain and conditions, we offer a intelligent research and process control tool.

Clear view of trends and values

Detailed information prepared with AI automation

Our intelligent algorithms search the latest news and topics from different pre-selected sources. We run fine-tuned processes that relentlessly analyze the transformation trend in HR subject. We help our clients to understand better their own situation. AI clears up the actual business context, highlights the key factors that worth to focus on in order to achieve a more engaged state of company work-life.

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Awesome Features

Focused on you

High level of customization let you stay in focus.

Team of experts

Services designed and monitored by business professionals.

Latest technology

IT creates always new opportunities, that we transfer to you.

Continuous learning

Based on our Deep Learning algorithm learning is our principal value.

Cross industry view

We put human capital development in a resourceful context.

Proven method

We restlessly improve leveraging on feed-backs from our clients.

Collaboration based on science and experience

uSense is a creative solution builder community in the business of human capital management giving it fresh energy. We provide transformative solutions via AI-assisted real-time analytics, a chance for instant value discovery, reliable and human-centric automation, and frequent employee feedback across all the endpoints in your digital workplace. We are devoted to involving all business stakeholder for a learning journey that help not only a single company but transforms the way how we think about work-life in the personal, team, corporate, and market level. uSense achieves its mission by the active collaboration with professionals from the area of organization development and AI science. Say goodbye to lost productivity, employee frustration, and stress and welcome lower costs, happier employees, and some new space in mind for collective stimulation of ever-new HR solutions.